Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tv series update 18/7/2013

 Teen Wolf S03E07 - Currents

The Darach targets Deaton as the next sacrifice, leaving him hanging by his wrists to die. The Alpha pack attacks Derek while Scott saves Deaton with Sheriff Stilinski. Deaton reveals Scott is a "True Alpha": a werewolf who rises to Alpha status purely by their own will and good character. This is extremely rare, happening every 100 years, which is why Deucalion is after Scott. In the fight, Kali makes Derek inadvertently kill Boyd, which also reveals Erica's death to him, and causes him to break down. - source wiki
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Twisted S01E06 - Three for the Road

Danny, Jo and Lacey embark on a road trip to Connecticut to search for clues in Regina's murder, and Jo and Lacey quarrel along the way. Meanwhile, Kyle searches for Jo; and an unplanned pottery lesson brings Karen and Tess closer. -source tv guide

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  Under the Dome S01E04 -Outbreak

A meningitis epidemic breaks out in Chester's Mill and Barbie and Big Jim track down the individual who has stolen the antibiotic they need to treat the disease. Meanwhile, Norrie and Joe try to determine the cause of their seizures, and Julia discovers the secret her husband Peter was hiding from her. - source e-guide

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