Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chocolate French Toast...

I've got fantastic recipe from Nestle website.... hahahah

Milo French Toast, but I used Vico mix with cocoa powder ...

-  2-4 slices of Gardenia/Mighty White bread...(I love both because it's really soft)
- 1 medium size egg well beaten
- 4-5 tbs UHT milk
- 3-4 tbs cocoa/milo/vico/chocolate powder
- 1 tbsp sugar

- frying oil
add on vanilla essence 

How to do:
Heat UHT milk with cocoa/chocolate powder about 10-15 seconds, then remove from heat.
Add egg, sugar and whisk all...

Dip slice of bread one by one into milk chocolate mixture and fried with small amount of oil, I try deep frying before, but the bread become oily after 1 hour...
Give it a'll love it....

                                                              image from Nestle

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