Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chocolate French Toast...

I've got fantastic recipe from Nestle website.... hahahah

Milo French Toast, but I used Vico mix with cocoa powder ...

-  2-4 slices of Gardenia/Mighty White bread...(I love both because it's really soft)
- 1 medium size egg well beaten
- 4-5 tbs UHT milk
- 3-4 tbs cocoa/milo/vico/chocolate powder
- 1 tbsp sugar

- frying oil
add on vanilla essence 

How to do:
Heat UHT milk with cocoa/chocolate powder about 10-15 seconds, then remove from heat.
Add egg, sugar and whisk all...

Dip slice of bread one by one into milk chocolate mixture and fried with small amount of oil, I try deep frying before, but the bread become oily after 1 hour...
Give it a'll love it....

                                                              image from Nestle

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tartlet and pie..

                This is fruit tart, with kiwi                             Chicken pie                                        tart pizza
                     and persimmon, loaded with 
                        vanilla cream custard

After watching movie Waitress (2007), I'm google-ing every recipe of pies, hahaha... how to make good pie? Actually I dunno, a few time my pie crust harder than brick...I frustrated, then I do it again... Watching that movie makes you want to try and try.... I want to look perfect like how Keri Russell did it in the movie, so yummmm....I really like Keri Russell voice ~ 'baby don't you cry gonna make a pie'....Semua patut tengok movie tu....

Ini resipi tart pizza:

For Dough
1/4 or more of 250gm butter(cold dan potong kecik2)
5-6 sudu air sejuk, do not more than that...nanti keras doh
1tsp gula
mula2 pakai 2 cup kecik dulu tepun, kalau kurang baru tambah,
bancuh tepung, butter, gula sampai jadi bread crumb(macam biskut hancur), tambah air sejuk, bila dah jadi doh simpan dalam fridge 30-40 min. If nk buat byk, tambahkan butter dan tepung... biar seimbang, jgn tmbah air.

-bawang putih
-bawang merah
 tumbuk/cincang ketiga2 bahan ni.....

-daging cincang/ayam cincang
-serbuk lada hitam, lada sulah
-italian herb
-cendawan pun boleh letak
-gula n garam secukupnya
-2-3 sudu sos tiram
-cheese (mozarella paling best...)  
-1 sudu cili sos

How to bake:
Saute bahan yang ditumbuk tadi, tumis sampai wangi....
Masukkan kentang, ayam@ daging tadi, masak sampai empuk...
Perasakan dengan sos cili, sos tiram, serbuk lada sulah, serbuk lada hitam dan italian herb..gula dan garam.... tunggu sampai kering, tutup api...

Kuarkan doh dari fridge tadi, canaikan dan letak pada acuan tart.... letak inti yang dimasak tadi, letakkan hirisan tomato, mayonis dan cheese di atas inti tadi... bakar dalam oven 15min 150-160 celcius....keluarkan dan boleh makan dah....

Friday, April 19, 2013

Addicted to...

Last 2 month ago, I think I'm addicted to buy stuff from online... It started when I'm looking for Vitex Agnus chasteberry for regulate my menses, I try to google from other countries as well.. when I was looking the best price for Vitex, I saw this website I go through this website, surprisingly the price quite cheap compare to malaysia... Fertilaid in malaysia cost around RM100++, iherb sold the same item for only $29, convert to RM not more than RM100. I bought shea butter palmers from iherb cost around $5-6 only, first time buyer get $5 off...Shipping cost also cheap compare to other international online shopping.

My second package from iherb, italian cocoa and nestle cocoa, nescafe for my hubby, progesterone cream for me, plus free lolipop.... 

Nowadays, in Malaysia Lumiglow one of the famous progesterone cream.

Lumiglow vs  Source Naturals progesterone cream
Same ingredient, same function, different country, different price; Source Naturals much more cheaper than Lumiglow.

My third package, just received last week...the book is free..yeay....

If anyone  would like to try, please feel free to use my coupon code,WDS079  when you check out...


A few items I bought from ebay. Items like phone accessories much cheaper in ebay, 3 months ago I bought my hubby car tweeter from China, 1000watt for RM14, quite ok, but it's took more than a month to arrive, fuuhhh.... currently I'm waiting 3 items I bought in ebay, all from China....Argghh....waiting is painful.. frustrated when no honk at my gate when postman passed by...huhuhuhu....Why....Why...Why....

Tortilla ayam

I made tortilla chicken for my husband a few months ago... Ni resepi tortilla ayam:

-Tomato - potong dadu kecil2
- Mayonis - sapu spread atas tortilla kemudian letak salad kat atas tortilla
-I used nuget tempura(potong kecik2)- fried with italian herb, barbeque sauce, pepper. (Guna sikit sahaja minyak zaitun)
Sementara panas lagi, letak keju cheddar
- letak nuget tempura yang siap masak tadi atas tortilla, taburkan tomato yang dipotong dadu tadi....
-cili sos....
then wrap dia (gulung)
-Siap untuk dimakan..

*** Kalau takde nuget tempura, guna daging ayam , potong kecik2, letak bahan2 yang sama, tapi tambahkan sedikit garam pada ayam tadi....Gambar lebih kurang macam ni....

                        picture taken from

What Would I do...

 I wonder what would I do because currently I'm not working, i need to do something, anything for my leisure time...ehehehe... favourite animation all the time ... Ratatouille by Pixar, inspired me to learn more  about cooking and better yet, now I really love cooking, baking movie.... yeah.....

I will return ..hungry fo more....